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Are you searching for a reputable Lip Filler Clinic in Edinburgh? Looking for a registered wrinkle filler clinic? With fully qualified Aesthetic practitioners we probably offer some of the best lip fillers in Edinburgh.

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Lip Fillers Edinburgh

When you get lip injections or lip shots they are called Lip Fillers, what this means is they enhance the appearance of your natural lips and give them definition to achieve the appearance or pout that you want. Patients have many different reasons for getting lip fillers done It may be that you are getting married, going for a photo shoot or are looking at making your lips the same size, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, we are based in Edinburgh city centre and have a reputation for working with patients to achieve their ideal Lip Pout.

The procedure itself is one of the most common dermal filler treatments we do it is safe and painless, should take less than 30 minutes.  We do ask you in for a FREE consultation first to ensure that it will look natural for you, assess your skin and do an allergy skin test.  This makes sure you won’t have an unfortunate reaction when the lip filler is applied.  We try and achieve lip fillers that are practical so you enjoy the experience, so we will be honest with you about what we feel we can achieve for you.

To make an appointment for Lip Fillers and to do the skin and allergy test, get in touch to arrange a time to come in for the treatment, please complete the form on the website or give us a call.  We will discuss with you a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss what look and feel you want.  We do facial fillers and a wide range of wrinkle filler treatments.

My Lips are Amazing, Thanks

My eyes have been transformed, great job!

No more circles around the eyes, thanks again.

Best fillers in Edinburgh!

Lip Filler Clinic in Edinburgh

Our highly qualified staff are fully trained in all Lip Fillers procedure and we make sure staff go on regular training to keep up to date with latest products, trends and techniques.  We only use the best lip filler products in the marketplace and are happy to discuss these with you.  Be very cautious if you get offered cheap alternatives elsewhere, you need to be confident that you are getting 100% product in the syringe – after all its your appearance.

Lip fillers are temporary, they are not a permanent solution like lip augmentation surgery, so you will need to get the treatment topped up again, this could be between 6 – 12 months’ time.


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